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asknet AG is the international eCommerce Provider for Panda Security. Should you have any questions on your order, a credit card charge or bank statement, please contact our Customer Service Team by sending an email to: For initial information, you can also check our
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Technical Support or Product Questions?
If you have technical questions around Panda Security products or would like to contact Panda Security directly, please visit the Panda Security website and select your region.

Renewal Questions?
If you are an existing customer and have questions around your renewal, please visit the Panda Renewal Center for information around your account and to manage your renewals.

Credit Card Charge?
A charge on your credit card statement is in relation to a recent order or renewal in our online shop. You should have received an email with your order details for Panda Security software. If you do not recognize the charge, please contact us at so we can clarify your order status and resend any necessary information.